Tune In

The term “Tune In” is a term used to adjust a frequency on a radio or TV dial to get the station you are looking for.

This page would normally have a media player added for your convenience, however that is currently in the works and not quite ready yet. Best way to tune in to the radio is using a media player of your choice, but we will list a few.

Please click the link below to download the stream playlist from our Icecast2 server

192 Kbps MP3 (Best for broadband Internet)

64Kbps AAC+ (Best for mobile internet or metered connections)

AnimeAMAZE is offered in two quality options to enable listeners all around to tune in wherever they are. 192Kbps MP3 stream is the currently the highest quality stream but requires the most bandwidth. This one is recommended for listening on a high speed internet plan like at home or on higher speed WiFi. 64Kbps AAC+ is a lower bandwidth offering, but still carries quality sound. This would be best for Mobile internet plans such as 4G/5G or listening on public WiFi access points.

Suggested media players

Open the links above with any of these media players. If you have a media player app you like you can share with us your experience and we can add to the list.